Episode 8-2: Sidestep Right

Armed with only a mirror, a rag and a pair of magical handcuffs, Gavin, Stuart, Val and Mark continue their descent into the Labyrinth of a Billion Bones. First they must grapple with a snake-haired monster who can’t remember whether she is Medusa or not, and decide which one of her stone victims is most worthy to be freed. Then, if they can work out the incantation to open another of those pesky puzzle doors, perhaps they’ll discover what nameless horror lurks in the darkness below. Well, actually, he does have a name, but it’s a spoiler and it’s not very scary, so let’s just stick with nameless horror for the time being, shall we?

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On the next episode… well, there’s a very exciting and dramatic “next episode” tease at the end of this episode, and I can’t really do it justice here with just a few lines of plain text. Big stuff happens, I dunno. Listen to the thing!


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