Episode archive

This is where you can find every episode of Rainy Day Adventure Club in chronological order! Clicking the episode title will take you to the original post about that episode, but there are also links to download the audio file directly, or view the notes page. Episode notes pages include text versions of certain puzzles as well as references for all the music and sound effects used in that particular episode. Bear in mind that if you haven’t heard an episode, looking at its notes page may spoil some plot or puzzle elements for you!

Adventure One (featuring Heather, James and Stuart)
Episode 1-1: Jump on the Angry Cockney / Download mp3 / Notes
Episode 1-2: There’s a Wizard in These Woods / Download mp3 / Notes
Episode 1-3: Literally, Magic / Download mp3 / Notes

Adventure Two (featuring Euan, James and Stuart)
Episode 2-1: Messing with Bones / Download mp3 / Notes
Episode 2-2: The Cheeky Door / Download mp3 / Notes
Episode 2-3: Twists and Turns / Download mp3 / Notes

Adventure Three (featuring Gavin, James and Stuart)
Episode 3-1: Team Sparkly Balls / Download mp3 / Notes
Episode 3-2: Into the Toy Factory / Download mp3 / Notes
Episode 3-3: Richard is Going Home Tonight / Download mp3 / Notes

Adventure Four (featuring Euan, Gavin, Heather and Stuart)
Episode 4-1: Sir Henry Parallel-Turtle / Download mp3 / Notes
Episode 4-2: The Pearl and Vinegar / Download mp3 / Notes
Episode 4-3: Lever Alone / Download mp3 / Notes

Adventure Five (featuring Euan, James and Stuart)
Episode 5-1: Mr and Mr Vleeb / Download mp3 / Notes
Episode 5-2: The Nightmare Chamber / Download mp3 / Notes
Episode 5-3: Kiss the Stun Pistol, Jazz Hornet! / Download mp3 / Notes

Adventure Six (featuring Euan, Gavin, Heather and Stuart)
Episode 6-1: Dust Bunnies / Download mp3 / Notes
Episode 6-2: The Lonely Little Seahorse / Download mp3 / Notes
Episode 6-3: S.E.B.A.S.T.I.A.N / Download mp3 / Notes

Adventure Seven (featuring Euan, Heather, James and Ross)
Episode 7-1: The Voyage of Captain Beardbeard / Download mp3 / Notes
Episode 7-2: The Great Sea Cucumber / Download mp3 / Notes
Episode 7-3: On Cuttlefish Island / Download mp3 / Notes

Adventure Eight (featuring Gavin, Mark, Stuart and Val)
Episode 8-1: Minotaur Hair Casserole / Download mp3
Episode 8-2: Sidestep Right / Download mp3
Episode 8-3: The Centre of the Labyrinth / Download mp3

Adventure Nine (featuring Euan, James, Ross and Scott)
Episode 9-1: Zip Truffle Alfa-Bravo / Download mp3
Episode 9-2: The Armoury / Download mp3
Episode 9-3: Remember Who You Are / Download mp3

Adventure Ten (featuring Andy, Heather and Ross)
Episode 10-1: Poem for a Rainy Day / Download mp3
Episode 10-2: The Jingle Jangle Lipstick Gang / Download mp3
Episode 10-3: Well, Bye / Download mp3

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