Episode 6-2 notes

Episode 6-2 notes (The Lonely Little Seahorse)

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Music (licensed, from Audio Network)

Ian Hughes – Today’s The Day

Paul Mottram – Trailblazer

Terry Devine-King – Triangulum

Terry Devine-King / Chris Warner – Dusty Library

David O’Brien – Puzzle Box

David Tobin / Jeff Meegan / Julian Gallant – Fallen Heroes

Alexander L’Estrange – Elfin Magic

Terry Devine-King – Battle Lines


Sound effects (Creative Commons, from freesound.org)

plasterbrain – Game Start


Rainbow books logic puzzle

The rainbow books in front of you
Five are deadly, which leaves just two
Providing things you’re looking for
An extra life, a secret door

The spike trap cuts you like a knife
One shelf down from the extra life
The snakes in the pit will coil round you
Somewhere above those previous two

Orange will release the bear
That slumbers in its hidden lair
And I’ll tell you to save you strife
That green is not the extra life

Indigo is not your friend
She’ll see you meet a bitter end
By one of two techniques; to wit
Piranha pool or snakey pit

The spike trap that will pierce your heart
Lies three shelves from the poison dart
Now you should know which books to use
So, carefully and wisely: choose