Episode 2-1 notes

Episode 2-1 notes (Messing with Bones)

Click here to see the post where this episode can be heard and downloaded.


Gravestone poems

She loved him, but she grew to hate
His mother’s sister’s silly rants
She spread his face with home-made jam
And fed him to her killer ___

He always did aspire to greatness
Dreamed of flying to the moon
She helped him make it halfway there
Tied frozen to a big ___

His eyes were pale and greenish blue
At least they were until he died
She closed those eyes forever with
A little thing called ___

He gambled every single day
He lost her all her money twice
So she made sure his luck ran out
Crushed beneath a million ___

A fluffy, puffed up man was he
All sweet and soft but oh so shallow
She cooked him up a special death
Suffocated by ___

He always had a certain spark
Doing business, making slimy deals
But he was still quite shocked when she
Threw him into a tank of ___


Music (licensed, from Audio Network)

Ian Hughes – Today’s The Day

Paul Mottram – Trailblazer

Luke Richards – Tall Tales

Terry Devine-King – Helix Field

Paul Mottram – Regal Fanfare


Sound effects (Creative Commons, from freesound.org)

toiletrolltube – minimal drone orchestra (pos + neg)

3bagbrew – shop_door_bell

juskiddink – Thunder and rain

swiftoid – wind_howl2_mono

mayanxibalba – trilla_01

cameronmusic – Digging1

snardin42 – Shovel Thwack 2

ertfelda – Hidden Wall Opening

qubodup – Door Smash 1

leviclaassen – hit_002

lth_stp – Knock 7x

chewiesmissus – Glass Smash

ngruber – Breaking Glass


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