Episode 5-2 notes

Episode 5-2 notes (The Nightmare Chamber)

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Music (licensed, from Audio Network)

Ian Hughes – Today’s The Day

Paul Mottram – Trailblazer

Gareth Johnson / Simon Clarke / David Bronze – Tough It Out

Luke Richards – Tall Tales

Terry Devine-King – Triangulum

David O’Brien – Puzzle Box

Terry Devine-King – Battle Lines


Sound effects (Creative Commons, from freesound.org)

JoelAudio – ELECTRIC_ZAP_001

leviclaassen – hit_002

magedu – old_pc_turn_on_boot_turn_off

3bagbrew – shop_door_bell

MentalSanityOff – Group of children laughing, jeering

MentalSanityOff – Group of children screaming