Episode 8-3: The Centre of the Labyrinth

Just in time for the new year (and I mean JUST in time), our heroes’ adventure in the Labyrinth of a Billion Bones finally concludes. But the minotaur is not all they have to worry about. I mean, it’s a big part of it, don’t get me wrong. It’s not as if it’s just going to let them stroll in there and start pulling its hair out. But there are also riddles to be pondered, enchanted weapons to be mastered, one last secret code to be agonised over, and a sinister presence closing in around the Rainy Day Adventure Club like thick, heavily foreshadowed fog. This is where it all ends. And by “it all”, I mean adventure 8. We’ll do more. But let’s allow ourselves to enjoy this moment of drama, shall we?

Listen below!

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We will return in 2017 with … well, hopefully more than two adventures! Our heroes’ next, absurdly daring mission is already being planned, so do check back to see how they get on! (Or use one of the links above so you don’t have to keep checking this clunky old website like a silly hairy caveperson.)


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