Episode 5-3 notes

Episode 5-3 notes (Kiss the Stun Pistol, Jazz Hornet!)

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Music (licensed, from Audio Network)

Ian Hughes – Today’s The Day

Paul Mottram – Trailblazer

Terry Devine-King – Helix Field

Gareth Johnson / Simon Clarke / David Bronze – Tough It Out

Barrie Gledden / Chris Bussey / Evelyn Glennie / Steve Dymond – Fun House

Luke Richards – Tall Tales

Paul Mottram – Fanfare of the Stars


Sound effects (Creative Commons, from freesound.org)

JoelAudio – ELECTRIC_ZAP_001

leviclaassen – hit_002

Glaneur de sons – electric_wire_02

stewdio2003 – CP_Power_Down01

minian89 – two_jet_engines

cbakos – Cordless phone ring

Wolfsinger – weirdbreath


Cryptic note

Kiss the stun pistol, jazz hornet! Green boy proved massive. Blue tarantula, he thought three second tree elf goes onward. Doom rumble, yon apple. Wee things drop teeth or flowers.