Episode 3-2 notes

Episode 3-2 notes (Into the Toy Factory)

Click here to see the post where this episode can be heard and downloaded. Scroll to the bottom of this page for text versions of some of the puzzles!


Music (licensed, from Audio Network)

Ian Hughes – Today’s The Day

Paul Mottram – Trailblazer

Alexander L’Estrange – Elfin Magic

Paul Mottram – Regal Fanfare

Terry Devine-King – Helix Field

Paul Mottram – Ghostly

Paul Mottram – Neutrinos

Terry Devine-King – Triangulum


Sound effects (Creative Commons, from freesound.org)

ErikH2000 – stomps robot walk

juskiddink – Boing

bennstir – Door slam 2

jorickhoofd – Metal rattle

Eelke – bang-02-clean

Robinhood76 – 01479 metal sawing 2

Wolfsinger – weirdbreath

Adam_N – Door_slam_2

markgia – Clanks

leviclaassen – hit_002

Starvolt – Crowbar Drop 2 Front


Mysterious note

Female sheep are buzzing thing-ing lied number after one.

Creepy person – no wait, that’s a bit obvious – oh never mind, place you can stay but there may be no room to the fun thing to play with true thing-ory to-dark thing after day and big blue wet thing the horri-angry thing that charges t-thing ruthless people don’t have.


Robots puzzle

Four robots guard four doors. You know that only one of these robots tells the truth. Every robot claims its door is the one that is safe.

Robot A: “Robot B is a liar!”
Robot B: “No, Robot A is a liar!”
Robot C: “I am the only one who tells the truth!”
Robot D: “No, Robot B is the one who tells the truth!”

Which robot is telling the truth?


Christmas cracker jokes

What do you call a penguin with bad breath?
What kind of cars do snowmen drive?
Where does Santa go to buy his shopping?
What is the most Christmassy fish in the sea?
What advice did the daddy reindeer give his son?
What do you give a sick elf?

Can you come up with better punchlines than our players did? If so, email them to us at: rainydayadventureclub at gmail dot com. You won’t win anything, but we might mention you on the podcast!


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