Episode 6-1 notes

Episode 6-1 notes (Dust Bunnies)

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Music (licensed, from Audio Network)

Ian Hughes – Today’s The Day

Paul Mottram – Trailblazer

Luke Richards – Tall Tales

Terry Devine-King / Chris Warner – Dusty Library

Terry Devine-King – Triangulum

David O’Brien – Puzzle Box

Helen Jane Long – Way Up High

Johnny Lithium / David O’Brien – Time Machine


Sound effects (Creative Commons, from freesound.org)

3bagbrew – shop_door_bell

leviclaassen – hit_002

jrssandoval – shower

lawnjelly – hairdryer_popshield

DANMITCH3LL – Spaceship Swoop

avakas – Train travelling quietly (recorded on the train)

austin1234575 – Beep 1 sec

ertfelda – Hidden Wall Opening


Code in Atlantis book

Go board the steam train because that is how it goes. Head to fiction and find the fake history of the violin section of Mr Bobble’s Bonkers Orchestra and you’ll find the key.

(Alternatively, to find the solution to this puzzle, the opposite of that is the actual correct path. Narrow this great message so it contains fewer beards — sorry, of course I mean words. Recall history for useful number statues — oh, okay then, sequences — okay, fine: primes.)


Bookshelves opposite Great Beards of History statues

Carola Hicks — The Bayeux Tapestry: The Life Story of a Masterpiece
Alberta Peregrine — Gnomewilia: Then and Now
Immanuel Kant — The Metaphysics of Morals
Friss Black — No Eyepatch Required: How to Spot a Pirate in Hogswill Bay

Nelson Mandela — Long Walk to Freedom
Richard Reeves — President Nixon: Alone in the White House
Giancarlo Naccarato — Cold War: The Bloody History of Ice Cream
Lee Jackson — Dirty Old London: The Victorian Fight Against Filth

Michael Wood — In Search of the Dark Ages
Karen Dolby — Oranges and Lemons: Rhymes from Past Times
George Schwartz — First of the Railways
Emily Mottram — What a Nightmare: One Woman’s Daring Escape from the Interdimensional Pun Bank

John Peterson — Darkest Before Dawn
Margot Bennett — X Y Dead: The Shocking True Story of the Vol-au-vent Murders
Eric Jundheim — Seatbelts On: A Speedy History of Road Safety
Brett B. Eagleman — The Elves of Festive Point

Gummel Thicket — The Rise of Snugglebun’s Wizarding University
Alan Moss and Keith Skinner — Scotland Yard‘s History of Crime in 100 Objects
Eduardo Gawp — The Great Wind Tunnel of Ancient Egypt
Calisto Janicite — Star Divers of the Pleiades Cluster

William de Soulis — Adventures with Redcaps
Jonathan Fenby — The Dragon Throne
Ariana Smith — Rise of the Squirrel Knight
Misandra Velian — Lycanthropy in the British Royal Family

Eli Cerebrum — Hunting Shadows: The Secret History of SEBASTIAN
Hampton Sides — In the Kingdom of Ice
Jeri Chase Ferris — Arctic Explorer: The Story of Matthew Henson
Navan Deressi — Vuman Voices